Yes, we learn by doing. For us to obtain any personal value from the knowledge that you obtain, you will have had to experience the application of that knowledge. To study and never apply within real opportunity leads to nowhere.

If you would only study to fully know the best exercise routine for yourself, but never perform the actual workouts, you’ve gained nothing of realized value. If you were to only apply the knowledge occasionally, you’d gain only a partial value commensurate with your applied efforts.

If you would only study to earn an advanced degree or certification for yourself, but never perform in utilization of that knowledge, you’ve again gained nothing but a framed piece of paper and likely some student loans.

Our active behaviors, informed through prescriptive knowledge acquisition, are what promotes us to have changed to grow for purpose to continually learn.

“Knowledge does not change behavior. We have all encountered crazy shrinks and obese doctors and divorced marriage counselors.” — Chip and Dan Heath —


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