Beyond outcomes, lies impact. Impact being a disciplined, concentrated and collective effort to functionally improve the lives of others as well as our own.

To attain impact, think first for “why” the effort is even being considered. This is not an obligation, this is an effort to be admired as a movement. This is to engage your why with others to know that impact is even feasible. Questions are better than answers when aligning for a consensus of whys.

The movement is a strategic plan rather than a manual or a “train and hope” presentation. Impact requires the collective group to learn and apply by doing and then communicating again for what they have learned thus far. It is in the personal attributes and skills of the group towards the collective why where the “how” is discovered. There must be a shared commitment or some will hold back to fall short of realized impact.

The real work for impact is in the implementation of the plan and the application of learning from the contributions being made. Each is positioned to learn and to share what is working in prescriptive regard to what matters most. Each can then find their place so that lives beyond the group will come to change for the better along with each of those that are accomplices with the plan.

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives.” — Jackie Robinson —


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