In June of 2018, I published post #1 on this WordPress format with the encouragement of a few good friends and family members. With each of the weekday postings since then, I have learned for myself and I have clearly aimed to share with others, a specific and referenced thought to be used (or not) within their learning practice.

Today is post #1,000 and I track such milestones because I like to keep score with things that matter most to me. Continual learning and coaching others to learn and apply for themselves to be more significant with their actions remains to be my purpose.

Thus far, I’ve learned that it can become daunting at times to prepare and publish a post every weekday morning. I fully realize that any pressure that I might feel would only come from myself, but when I set an self-initiated goal toward my purpose in life, I tend to fully engage and measure to sustain.

On any given weekday, around 50 – 60 people receive the Applied Learning post via an email. Also, from the WordPress site format, anyone looking is able to search for and read any of the content. From the first 999 posts on WordPress, there have been 8,040 views from 4,089 visitors. These visitors have come from over 100 different countries over this time, with the vast majority from the United States.

Over the past month I have given considerable thought as to whether to continue writing each weekday past post #1,000. Is there enough value derived for myself and others to continue the effort past the milestone?

I have come up with no sound reason to stop at this point. It’s assuredly not from any imagined demand from others, but because writing each weekday still fits my purpose. From this writing effort to date, there is a now a collection of loosely connected thoughts, derived from brilliant people I admire and read of as references. I am certainly not done learning yet, so I will continue on. At some point I will look to discontinue or perhaps evolve the purpose to another greater thing, but now isn’t the right time for either.

Thanks to those who read and learn for themselves from the postings. Several of you have graciously shared of the feedback loops that turn on in your mind at critical points that have been drawn from something you read one day. I write to learn for myself, but I must admit that it is incredibly reinforcing from a coaches mindset to know that others might learn and apply for themselves to their benefit from this effort as well.

“Writing is not for now, it’s for later. It is a testament, something for strangers to read one day in the future.” — Steven Pressfield —


2 thoughts on “#1,000

  1. Congratulations on hitting your 1000 goal mark. I have enjoyed and benefited from reading your views. You have some good thoughts to share and I’m glad that you are deciding to continue.


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