As a matter of consideration, it is nearly impossible to remain impartial with the decisions that you will make and the actions you take thereafter. Behind every decision, we are centered to follow our purpose in life within the experiences we have learned from to that point. As Georg Lichtenberg was quoted, “even impartiality is partial.”

If it is true that we can rarely be impartial, this does not mean that we cannot continue learning. With difference, a mind is suited to evolve from the experientially demonstrated pursuit of purpose in our lives and the many changes that occur in our life span. It would never to be wise to not consider and reconsider our position on a matter. If we would still believe precisely what we believed and why we believed it from ten years ago, we would have stopped learning.

Before you would stand before others to share your partial point of view, make certain that your reasoning is sound and pliable enough to have considered freshly realized iterations of lessons to be learned from. It is best to continue learning as you continue in pursuit of your purpose and apply the lessons learned. Be cautious of the ego’s desire to be right, rather than doing the right things for yourself and by others.

“I can promise to be sincere, but I cannot promise to be impartial.” — Goethe —


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