Hard to do, but the benefits are tremendous. If we would only focus on the few simple things we need to accomplish in a given day, we would assuredly have a productive and accomplished day. When life happens to us rather than for us, we end up dealing with so many other things that matter so very little in the long run.

As the distractions come to you, it is easy to be moved off course. Center yourself to hold tightly to your essential things or it will happen every day. Label them and write them down if need be, but don’t lose sight of them. The schedule may change as we manage through the day, but time and concentration on the essentials must remain first as though they are a very serious matter.

Each of us that firmly sets and holds to our objectives and then closes those loops with our actions will come to have a very demonstrable wisdom. From this evident wisdom, others will come to know with certainty that this is your habitual center. They will even come to appreciate the discipline of your simplified pattern for success and learn from it themselves. Simplify to produce what matters most each day and the misaligned and unimportant details will lessen over time if you stick to it.

“Let your capital be simplicity and contentment.” — Henry David Thoreau —


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