If you want to truly learn more of something, study what an expert or veteran of that task is doing and apply it for yourself. To gain any level of mastery requires that we extend ourselves to apply what we are learning. We stay with it and sustain it for a greater value. For us to extend ourselves in application, we must have an intense discipline to keep going.

The greatest innovations that have yet to have happened for us as a society, have been left behind when one of us failed to fully extend ourselves. The continuous process of applied learning was broken. Another will eventually pick it up at some point and will discover through their extension of knowledge to make it a shared value for many.

To have the hope to learn in the attainment of a vision is merely a starting point. Until we move to fully extend ourselves by continuing to learn for ourselves with others, we will have advanced no further. The creative build and the maintenance of what is being built are formed by our capacity to fully extend. Set out to learn and apply to build and sustain something, extending that process until it has reached a significance for it’s benefits.

“No power and no treasure can outweigh the extension of our knowledge.” — Democritus —


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