Imagine first, to then learn for the better. Most innovative ideas and solutions begin with someone imagining a different way to approach a problem to be solved. They see the challenge or the problem and look to discover a better way. They simply wouldn’t accept the status quo.

Innovation goes beyond imagination, but it must start there. To go past “what if?,” we will need to actively learn and apply imagined alternatives. Imagination is endless, but present level knowledge of most individuals is limited. To put the two together is the foundation of innovation. Theories and ideas are paired and related with differently from imagination through to the reality of a better way.

Some will look at their problems and accept there is no other way. Some will imagine a better way and then stall at that point. Others will imagine and then get busy learning toward an innovative and actionable change. Regardless if the problems would be defined as very small or very large, a better solution is there to be learned if you will see and then act upon what you have imagined.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” — Albert Einstein —


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