Let It Go

It seems to be that some will forever be harmed by the words or actions of another they do not agree with. In their spite, they even move purposefully against the other to deepen their negative experience. They want others to suffer with them for having thought differently.

If we are able to overcome and to let go of these harmful emotions from being crossed by another, we build a sense of strength in our own character. An opposing thought wouldn’t threaten them. Aspire to develop as a more resilient person than to have engaged in revenge to drag another down with you.

As we become more adept at anticipating our response to the conflicts of our thoughts with another, we grow in our own intelligence. There is no need to hurt another or to be mired in conflict because we have come to know better than to have engaged at all. Know for certain and set your mindset to grow from our experiences and rationalize above them so as not be hurt from idle actions or words from another.

“Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” — Albert Einstein —


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