Emotions are the greatest advantage in our learning and thinking process if we would frame within our minds to utilize them correctly. Some hope to overtly control them to have no influence at all, but this rarely happens. Some hope to avoid them at all costs and this generally leads to a failure to engage at all. Your best approach is to feature the natural occurrence of emotions to sharpen your perspective and to make your best choices from them.

Emotions separate and individualize us as human beings. They can serve to motivate us for a greater good. In the simplest of examples, music moves me to a much better workout. A team of athletes will be prepared by a great coach prior to a contest with a motivational message. A timely reflection before a big meeting will promote us to succeed. Emotion is required to be rationally at our best.

Knowing that emotions are the spice of life and the pathway to successful learning experiences and growth, aim to utilize their natural energy amid structured patterns to help yourself. Be calm when necessary and aroused the same. Be excitable and responsive to what moves you. Comprehend the pulls from your emotions to focus on what matters the most and they will move you toward a greater good. When you would falter, you learn for the next application for greater success.

“What you think, you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine, you create.” — Buddha —


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