To truly master something comes at a cost. There is a challenge for a person to grow across multiple facets of a thing to become exceptional and consistent with it. There is an investment of time with intense focus applied over and over again. This is why so few earn their way to the highest levels of mastery.

In the assessment of your life, we are generally good, bad or average at most things. To go beyond good, we must become determined to learn our way. There must be reinforcement derived to continue working away at it. With a clear purpose and a discerning focus, each of us could become a master with one or more things. Nothing would get in our way. We would see reality objectively and we would work beyond challenges to generate consistent progress.

Choose to become a master at one thing or another and you will benefit greatly. People will seek you out for your specialized talent. You will add to the valued contributions offered with others. Gratification will follow as you grow and share your mastery with others.

To be a master is worth the purposeful lifetime journey. Play with great curiosity and practice with great discipline to apply yourself. Imagine first and then aim to continue learning by applying yourself for a greater good that you would always be remembered for.

“The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” — Erik Eriksen —


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