To worry is natural. We consider and even harbor concerns about what may or may not come to be for ourselves. We want things to be predictable and in a certain way for our security and comfort. But life rarely happens for us in that way.

We have the capacity and the power to set our mind toward a course for ourselves. As adversity is anticipated and realized, we are best to move through it. If we pause to worry about it well before it would even happen, we go nowhere. Worry is ineffective in that it may prolong and deepen the adversity as we hold still in fear.

If you find yourself worrying about what you can’t control, let it go. Adversity is better anticipated and approached with the resolve to learn our way forward with rational actions. We won’t eliminate adversities, but we would move through them most effectively and efficiently with thoughtful actions above the worry.

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. — John Lubbock —


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