What a gift it is to know that you are self-disciplined enough to reach nearly any goal that you would set for yourself. Long-term or short, it wouldn’t really matter. Lofty or simple, we’d be determined enough to attain and surpass them all. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “without discipline, even the simplest of goals can seem like the impossible dream.” Anyone can talk about it or talk around it, but only the most disciplined will do it to their full and growing potential.

Each of us has unique talents and deficits. We each have had different experiences and opportunities that we have learned from or not along the way. No one starts from the same place, but only those with discipline will have excelled and done so consistently over time. The disciplined think first and then act from what they have learned, barriers or not, they continue on. And then they plan and apply themselves again, and then again until they excel far above their originating level to the goal.

Some look at the disciplined and think they work too hard at life. The secret is that the disciplined have chosen the easy life. Easy, because the disciplined make the hard decisions to determine for themselves where they want to go with the right things to do every day and they are getting there. The undisciplined merely meander through life taking the easy way, with no guarantee for success and often live a much harder life by doing so.

“The more disciplined you become, the easier life gets.” — Steve Paulina —


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