The deference to our success often comes from our own hesitation to proceed at all. We profess to want something, but then put no real thought, plan or action together to reach toward it. If we would pursue to learn more of it and act accordingly with purposeful effort, then we would have progressed.

Life is not all that unfair. We can accomplish most all that we are determined to do and when we decide for ourselves to do it in our lifetimes. There are nominal restrictions to our free thinking and actions of character to evolve with success. Some have greater advantage and potential than others, but in any case, success can be pursued and attained by applied learning.

Take one thing in your life that you have often professed that you wanted to succeed with, but haven’t done so yet. Start today to gather new knowledge and experiences in that direction. In a matter of a very short time you will have exceeded beyond your self-imposed limitations. You will be on your way with a pattern of habits to promote your earned success.

It is largely on us to act without hesitation and excuses to find a way to win. Get out of your own way by continuously learning.

“Our greatest enemies, the ones we fight the most often, are within.” — Thomas Paine —


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