Be a Pro

Fac, si facis- Do it if you are going to do it.

It seems simple enough to move forward and implement your idea, yet we pause with numerous excuses. Great ideas go to waste because the work to learn from them and to apply what we will learn is complicated. Easier to hold these ideas to ourself, to only do your job to an acceptable level.

Direct your energy and focus at the professional level, rather than remain an amateur. Very little meaning can be derived in just getting by. Remain patient and diligent to produce an additional value from what you are learning in the form of your ideas. Engage others in the process to enhance each idea, encouraging others to continue learning and applying together.

Thrive mentally in the practice of learning and improving in your craft as much as a peak professional athlete enjoys their training.

Be a professional learner in training; do it if you are going to do it.

“The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work.” — Peter Drucker —


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