No one wants to be perceived as having been fooled. It is part of our inherent nature to be suspicious of the intentions and actions of others. To be suspicious is to have developed thoughts before they were discerned to be true. It is sort of an estimate at best. All of our suspicions couldn’t be true?

We can’t resolve suspicions, because they remain unknown. We can only resolve real facts as they will occur. It is important to trust, even if we might occasionally be fooled. Once fooled by real experiences, you can then discern to then work to resolve. Once you’ve trusted with genuine trust returned, a productive rapport is formed with fewer suspicions.

Suspicion leads us astray from discovering realities. By first trusting and then verifying from real experiences, we find opportunities. You come to know the real motives and actions of another only through these experiences.

Search to discover the truth rather than always assume to know another from your suspicions. Learn in reality rather than presume, you’ll discover more truth and be fooled less often in the end. Trust then verify to continue learning.

“We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we expect.” — Henry David Thoreau —


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