A practice of continual learning requires sacrifice. It would be simple and easier to theorize to do something better than how we would perform it today. To actually learn, you must apply what you know over and over again to discover what works and what is next for us.

In theory, I want to be a better and more consistent golfer some day. I know though, that I will never improve until I practice the application of what I know and learn again from it to improve. Matter is a long way off. If I wouldn’t define a purposeful timeline beyond some day, the probability is that I will never really even get started. A learning practice will slip away until you actively pursue from the theory into application with great discipline.

Define the parameters to move you from theory into a practice for learning. Theory is imaginary until it is applied in a practice for the pursuit of advancing yourself forward in life within reality. Theory is nothing more than a wonderful and hopeful place to start. Practice, practice, practice is continual learning.

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” — Albert Einstein —


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