Happiness is much more earned than it is received. We may look to external things to bring us happiness, but that is not where it will be found. We may even look to other people to make us happy, but they have little capacity to do so. Happiness largely lies within us.

We possess the only determining factor for whether we would be happy or not. It is from our manner of thinking and the discernment of our next actions that will set us off toward happiness. Adversity or not, only we might will ourselves to become happy or to falter off course to accept sadness. Seek the help of others, but it is still you that will decide.

Start and end from within. Happiness is more of an ethic for ourselves to be and stay happy. If you are unable to manifest this thinking and subsequent actions by yourself, start again by seeking first to put another above yourself. Take good actions for yourself to the benefit of others and you will generate more happiness than not.

It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.” — Arthur Schopenhauer —


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