From The Present

There are times that we come to have settled. We know the present isn’t what we wanted it to be, but the unsettling thoughts have been overlooked for a time to have become the new norm for us. It’s not really okay with us, but we have let them be for some time.

If you find yourself in the present at a place because you have settled, the only way up is to work back to relearn a better way for yourself. Follow to react from your instincts and your unleashed curiosities to re-establish all over again.

The consequences of settling will not only effect your present state, but they will also impact your future. From the present we create the future. By living in this manner, we are also writing our past, falling far short of what it could have been.

Continual learning isn’t accepting life for only what it is. Learning engages us to not merely settle with our fate, but to generate from within a present state what will be a better future. To pause learning is falling short of our full potential. Learning doesn’t make us perfect and there will be bumps in every road, but as a learner you will evolve and grow throughout time.

“What happens when you let an unsatisfactory present go on long enough? It becomes you entire history.” — Louise Erdrich —


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