There are two ways to be quite alone in the world. The first is to disengage and withdraw from the work of life, hiding from our responsibilities. Here you will be alone. The second is to fully engage to accelerate to the leading edge of curiosity and creativity to discover a better way. You’ll move well ahead of others and here you will also be alone.

Few will choose to live at the edge of discovery to learn and experience life ahead of others. Those that will change the world, rather than simply accept life as is in perceived comfort. These are the innovators and developers that contribute the greatest value in their lifetimes. In both cases you may be alone, but the obvious advantage of appreciation and admiration will go to the loner at the accelerating edge.

Don’t be fooled to believe that life is better and safer by not fully engaging in the new and yet to be discovered facets of learning throughout your life. We stay fresh and renewed by continuously extending ourselves toward the edge, not withdrawing inward away from it. Either way, we won’t know if we will be successful beforehand, but we may as well go through life living near the edge rather than hiding in the dark middle.

“There is never a crowd at the leading edge.” — Ester Hicks —

MITM #1170

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