Theory Needs Application

If you want to impress me, do so through your actions and not merely your words. Nearly anyone can put together words of influence, but only the truly wise will be capable of demonstrating it for us.

Finding a better way or a better outcome requires a series of playful actions. To have and offer a theory is a step, but much remains unknown and unrealized until the theory is applied accurately. All can participate in the formation of the theory, but only those that carry it out for themselves can then truly demonstrate it for others.

Be the applied learner to know for yourself when and how to discover the best outcome from a sound theory of change. Be the learner that acts from the words rather than just spew them out to others. Experience your own decisions and directions set by application. If you feel compelled to merely offer a theory while unwilling to test it, keep your thoughts to yourself. Find a way to win in your actions, not in your words.

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” — Paulo Coelho —


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